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Thank you to PAC for providing  SMS, this past year,  with a tree hugger bench, hydration station, picnic tables and shade trees. 

The students and staff are very grateful to the PAC providing the us with seating in front of the school.  It is a welcome addition.  The picnic tables were installed in the last month of school and students were sitting on the seats enjoying the beautiful weather. There is also wheel chair access on one of the picnic tables.  hydration station.jpgpicnic tables.jpgTree Hugger Bench.jpg

We also appreciate the new filtered water station.  The station is utilized on a daily basis by students, staff and school district employees from outside the school.   Students fill their water bottles after PE classes, breaks and lunch.  The station has eliminated the use of hundreds of plastic water bottles. 

In addition to the above items PAC has also purchased and provided to SMS Shade trees, Lighting  for our Leadership group who decorate the forum at each season or special event/occasion; sound system for our school; a 2nd 3 D Printer and paid for an author presentation and bussing for a few field trips.

Thank you to the entire PAC for their hard work and generosity in providing these wonderful additions .  All the items are a tremendous asset to the school.

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There are currently no announcements.