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Breakfast for Learning

Breakfast Program

Many thanks to Rick Potter, former Pastor of Rutland United Church and coordinator of Springvalley Middle School's Breakfast Program.  Everyday volunteers from our community come and serve breakfast to many of our students.  We are grateful for their dedication in providing service by way of serving breakfast and a smile to our students.  Thank you to Pam, Gordie, Walter, Dennis, Ross, Harold, Randy, Susanna, Carole, Lauralee, Maureen, Kathy, Raye, Jim, Cheryl and Bruce.   Without their help the Breakfast Program would not exist.  Thank you so very much.  

We would also like to acknowledge Breakfast Club of CanadaRotary, President's Choice Charity and the Gary Bennett Family Fund  for their financial support.  We appreciate so much their financial contribution to our program.  We recognize without the financial support of these organizations our program would not be available to the students who are in need of sustenance to give them energy to participate fully in the academic learning and physical activity of a school day.  Thank you.

The Gary Bennett Family Fund

PC Children's Charity

Breakfast Club of Canada