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Student Network Account Help

SD23 network accounts are created by HES staff, not by school-level IT support staff. Usernames are normally firstname.lastname (firstname dot lastname with no spaces). Exceptions occur when a two or more people have the same name (additional usernames will have a number appended), or when a person has a long name (it will be truncated). If in doubt, check the Class Management Tool.

NOTE: Students who are new to SMS may have to wait a few days for their network and library accounts as they are only updated by HES once per week.

If a student needs help with their network account please follow one of these procedures (your choice):

1.       Look up the student’s username and/or change the student’s password using the Class Management Tool. You can also find links to it on the SMS home and Teachers pages called Change Student Password. You might want to add it to your Favourites.

(Be patient. It’s slow…)
a.      If prompted, choose Logon for Teachers
b.      If you are asked for a master password, click on Cancel
c.       Enter your network username and password
d.      Under Classes and Groups choose Manage Students
                                          i.      If Manage Classes and Groups appears, click on Manage Students again
e.      Beside Search by choose All
g.       Click on Go
h.      Wait…
i.        Scroll down to the student’s name
j.        The student’s username is noted on the list and you can do the following by clicking on the appropriate buttons underneath the list:
                                         i.      Change the student’s password
                                         ii.     Manage the student’s files
                                         iii.    Disable the student’s internet access
                                         iv.    Show a printable version of the list
2.       Send Ken Woodward an email request with details of the problem, making absolutely sure you include the following information:
a.     First and last names
b.     Grade (important)
c.     Pupil number
d.     KAT teacher
I’ll do the same as in #1 and reply to you with a Cc: to the KAT teacher, usually the same day.
Please be sure to include all information or the process slows down.
Student Email - click for info