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Volunteering at Springvalley Middle School

Volunteering at SMS has been temporarily put on hold due to COVID-19. 

School District 23 and the RCMP have coordinated to create a new form for those adults in the school community who are wishing to volunteer. ANYONE wishing to volunteer at Springvalley Middle School  must complete a Volunteer Criminal Record Check. Along with changes to the form, the process involved with becoming a volunteer has changed. The completed forms will be sent by Springvalley Middle School to be processed. Once approved, the RCMP will send the confirmation TO THE VOLUNTEER. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to return this confirmation to Springvalley Middle School, or the School Board Office, at which time they will be added to our Volunteer list. NO ONE can volunteer until they have completed this process and their name has been recorded on the Board Office list. If you have completed a Volunteer Criminal Record check this year, or in the last 4 years, you do not have to complete the new forms. Please contact the office at 250-870-5111 if you have any questions or if you'd like to confirm that your Criminal Record check is current.